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EzBasic Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What is EzBasic?
Answer: It is an application framework. It is a library of classes in c++ to develop your programs with the ease of BASIC (as in the language).
Question: Is it free/open source?
Answer: It is free and Open Source but there are certain restrictions. You can only use this library in a free project. If you want to use it in a commercial application you need to buy the licence to use it.
Question: Do I have to give away my source code?
Answer: NO. Even if you do not buy the licence and you use the library in a free project you need not distribute the source code. But you should acknowledge the fact that this library has been used somewhere in your documentation or in the about box.
Question: Is there any IDE to draw the forms and handle the project?
Answer: An IDE is being developed which will fully use the EzBasic library. For more information on EzDevelop goto http://ezdevelop.sf.net/
Question: How do I buy the licence?
Answer: Click on the contact link. Write an email to Vivek Jishtu (vivekjishtu (at) yahoo.com) for details.
Question: Is there any support avaliable?
Answer: If you have any question use the mailing list or use the avaliable forums for your answers.
Question: How do I use/develop Active-X controls?
Answer: Right now that part has been developed as an add-on and i might add it to the framework once this framework is stable.