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Pre-release - Oct 2004
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What is OPEN EzBasic library?

In one simple line "It is the easiest way to program in C++ if you are a BASIC programmer". You can also port your programs from VB to C++ using this library.

EzBasic is an application development framework to develop projects in C++. The framework can be used to make programs using functions similar to Visual Basic*. The framework classes range from GUI, File Handling, Threads, String, Active-X just to name some of the important classes. And the best part is that it is free to use in your non commercial projects. For a commercial project you need a licence for more information click on the contact link.
#include <EzBasic.h>
int main()
    String sTestCode;
    sTestCode = L"This is a test string";
    return MsgBox(sTestCode);

Sample Code - The ease of using strings   

*Visual Basic is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation